Be The Guide!

Discover your surroundings in a new way by letting it send you notifications, and make any city your own.

Why Use Swipecity?

Discover These Cities

Be on the lookout, new locations will be added shortly.

Swipecity Brings Life To Your Surroundings

Thanks to geolocation, you will receive notifications at specific locations in the city.

Free Walk Or Guided Walk

Discover the city on your own or by following pre-determined paths.

My Album

View the photo album Swipecity created for you.

Cultural Treasure Hunt

Unlock new cultural content at the whim of your feet.

Interact With The Area

Share your thoughts on the locations you visited

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Frequently asked questions

Why am I not able to view all broadcasted content?

Swipecity works like a treasure hunt. You need to move around to unlock and view new content.

Who can broadcast contents on Swipecity?

Cultural organization and local artists have the opportunity to add and manage the content you, the user, have access to on the mobile app. Become a broadcaster

What context can Swipecity be used in?

Swipecity is by your side during your Sunday morning walk, your commute, your training, etc. Hence, the application is not only for tourists discovering new cities but also for locals looking for new reasons to embrace their own.

What will be Swipecity’s next features?

Great question, but we don’t want to give anything away. Ideas are boiling in our heads. Subscribe and follow us on social media to stay up to date.

Can I see where locked GPS points are in the city?

Yes, you have access to a map showing you where geolocated points can be found and unlocked.

What themes are broadcasted on Swipecity?

Swipecity helps you discover four types of attractions : treasures (historical monuments and landmarks), cultural events, museums and festivities.

Can I use Swipecity on a regular basis?

Absolutely! We are constantly adding new content on the mobile app such as exclusive paths based on the time of the year.